1. Donation (Group/ Individual)
Thank you for your donation and support, please fill out the Hotmeal Service Donation Form or use online donation.


2. Corporate cooperation
Corporate cooperation refers to that a company/ organization contributes to the community by providing social services. The group can consider taking part in one-off or multiple volunteer visit service, organizing corporate visit, delivering seminars during the Hotmeal service hours, organizing and participating in one-off festival celebration etc. Please call 3413 1578  to get in touch with us, or fill out the form ‘Contact Us’.


3. Become a volunteer


Individual volunteer refers to that an individual dedicate his own private time and efforts, in his own name, to contribute to the community by actions of service.



4. Arouse concern/ Charity associates advertisement
Companies and Organizations can help arousing society’s concern and awareness about poverty by incorporating our service summary and icons into the advertisements of the company. For more details, please call 3413 1578.


5. Tangible in-kind donation

Any tangible in-kind donation from corporates or individuals are welcome. For more details, please call 3413 1578.

In consideration of the matter of hygiene, we apologize for not accepting clothes donation.





Hotmeal Donation Form





Volunteer Register Form


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